Jobs & Volunteering Information


At the Training Brokers we aim to provide Quality Courses enabling our learners to gain valuable knowledge and skills to progress into further training, volunteering and employment.

This guide will help you along with your journey:

Three Ways of finding a job

  1.  Search for advertised jobs online, in newspapers and shop windows
  2.  Join some job agencies who can match you with employers
  3.  Send CV with a letter to local employers by email or post

There are many more sites to research; here are some to get you started.

Career Guidance Websites:

Recommended Job Sites:

Care Agencies & Jobsites:

Employment Agencies

Speculative Approaches

Another way of finding work is to contact the employers directly via email or letter followed up by a phone call.

You can do an internet search for local businesses:


Volunteering is also an excellent way of gaining experience and references to help you build on your CV