Developing Potential, Achieving Success



To be a provider of choice in the delivery of quality training where learners both achieve and exceed their full potential. To support and be a part of devolution Manchester; transforming lives and businesses.




We are open and transparent and treat each other with respect.


We do the right thing in the right way.


We develop and maintain a financial margin sufficient to support The Training Broker’s mission and vision


We work with people to recognise their full potential.


We continually strive for excellence, and are passionate about what we do.


We are committed to providing the best quality service.


We embrace change and the chance to innovate and improve.


Aims and objectives

Our aim is to create a learning environment that meets the needs of our learners and the local community. Our objectives include:

* Ensuring effective marketing of the company to its target audience

* Growing the number of our prospective learners

* Building on our database of local companies we currently work with

Showcasing The Training Brokers including:

* Our quality in teaching and the learners who benefit from it

* A website that clearly reflects The Training Brokers brand


Strategic Priorities

1. To inspire effective learning to enable our learners to exceed expectations

2. Be “mission centred and market share” to maximise our impact in the community

3. Develop and maintain a financial margin sufficiently to support The Training Brokers mission and values