Our Courses

The Training Brokers provide a range of vocational courses. We are constantly adding to our curriculum, so if your training needs are not yet listed, please do get in touch with our team.




 Health and Social Care Courses

The role of key-workers within the Health and Social Care sector has been at its most valued during the Coronavirus. If you are looking into joining this worthy sector then our courses can provide you with the knowledge needed to begin your journey.

Health and Social Care employers that are looking to up-skill their existing staff? Contact us and see how we can provide training for your staff.




 Education Sector Courses

Our Award in Support Work in Schools can help you begin your career within education, whether it is classroom based or administrative based.

Schools – Are any of your community looking to support your school and its work? Contact us and see how we can provide training.





Personal Development, Behaviour and Well-being Courses

We also offer courses that will enhance your own development as you progress towards your goals. These courses help you to recognise and evaluate your existing skills and encourage you to create action plans to achieve your goals.